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The passion and love for the wood fire inspired us to create the unique fireplaces A.caminetti.

A modern fireplace with a magnificent and cozy fire that will fill your spirit with inspiration and will relax your mind.

Our philosophy is different and our vision is positive.

Starting from Gladys Taber quote,

"A house with no fireplace is a house with no heart", we believe that every family deserves a fireplace in their home, we simply do our best for that.

The price, quality and fire performance will make you a satisfied client.

For more than 33 years A.caminetti  company from a small Italian family business has developed into a large company that meets all the requirements of customers.

Acaminetti  adheres to all standards, simplicity in reliability and refinement in design. A.caminetti  has been committed to generating heat conveniently, economically, with environmental responsibility and in accordance with demand.

With a wide variety of outstanding product developments and problem-solving solutions, A.caminetti has created milestones that have often made them the trailblazer and trendsetter for their entire industry.


A.caminetti orientation is decisively international - as it exports in Europe, Asia, Africa.


  • The quality of the materials made, the ease of operation and reasonable prices will not leave indifferent even the most demanding buyer.

  • Production area 21000 sqm

  •  Warehouse in Am Industriegleis 6a,84030,Ergolding,Germany,

        for express delivery in DE.

  •  Annually production capacity 17000 Lift door fireplaces/wood burning


Glass in A.caminetti furnaces :

  • Flat glass

  • Corner  glass

  • 3 side  glass (3D)

  • 4 side glass (4D)






    A.caminetti  fireplace inserts have the following characteristics:

  • Each model can be order under individual SIZE.

  • The fireplaces are made of steel, which provides you with reliable use for decades.

  • Guarantee in 5 years will allow you to be calm and confident in the reliability of the company.

  • Fuel for briquettes and firewood.

  • High power will provide heating even in a large room.

  • Products are certificated with EN 13229, BImSchV II, Flamme VERTE, ECODESIGN.




National road km2 Korce-Erseke, Korce-Albania 


Am Industriegleis 6a, 84030 Ergolding,Germany 

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