Quattro 90 R Wood burning fireplace insert,lift door.


Nominal power: 8-14 kW

· Energy efficiency class: A +

Dimensions (H x W x D): 130 x 110.5 x 72.2 cm

· Average CO content of the exhaust gases: 409 mg / m³

· Fine dust: 24 mg / m³

Exhaust gas temperature: 206 ° C

Exhaust gas mass flow: 8.5 g / s

Minimum delivery pressure: 12 Pa

Weight: 284 kg

Flue pipe connection: 200 mm (top)

· Use of combustion chamber: vermiculite

Metalic frame: Yes

· Minimum distance to combustible materials: 5 cm on the side, 5 cm at the rear

Efficiency: 87%

· Fuel: wood

Type 1 (self-closing door)

· CE mark available, EN 13229 certified

· Fulfills BImSchV level 2

· Approval for Austria according to 15a B-VG

· Complies with Regensburg, Stuttgart & Munich standards

Quattro 90 R

  • Insert coat made of steel, with a thickness of 3 mm in accordance with EN 13229
Insert components manufactured using modern cnc machines (2D Laser and press brakes)
Insert welded with MAG, guaranteed high quality.
Steel door made of a special profile, guaranteeing rigidity and high-temperature resistance.
Heat resistant ceramic glass with working temperatures of up to 800°C.

    Each material in our fireplaces are strictly choosen,we are proud for our partners,Partner companies:
    Senotherm / Schock metall / Schott ROBAX / Culimeta / Skamol

    Culimeta is global leading industry supplier in the field of gaskets for fireplaces, as well as door and window seals for industrial-, stove- and heating boiler constructions.

    Skamol is technical insulation systems for a wide range of applications within building and industry.With our systems, we aim at adding significant value to our partners, customers and to the environment. By implementing our unique systems, benefits such as energy savings, enhanced performance, improved working and living environment and even reduced CO2 emissions can be achieved

    SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic is "Engineered in Germany" and manufactured to demanding standards for quality and environmental management

    Schock Metall stands for precision in ball bearing slides and special profiles. For more than 40 years, they have been using the high-precision Schock roll forming technology to manufacture telescopic slides and other sliding systems.

    The senotherm® CLASSIC product line comprises a comprehensive range of conventional coating solutions. With a guaranteed "true" temperature resistance of up to 600 ° C

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